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The Eye-opening Pros and Cons of Renting with a Roommate

The Eye-opening Pros and Cons of Renting With a Roommate

The thought of living on one’s own may be overwhelming, whether financially, emotionally, or otherwise. In these instances, renting with a roommate just makes complete sense.

However, before settling in with an old time friend or someone you just met a few days ago, you need to thoroughly think things through.

Certainly you should take into consideration the many pros and cons that will come with renting with a roommate to see if it’s actually for you.

Fortunately, today’s post will help you better weigh your options and decide for yourself if you’re ready for such a commitment.

So, without further ado, it’s time for some Real Talk!

Let’s start things on a positive note with the pros of renting with a roommate!

Pros of Renting with a Roommate

#1. You Get to Split the Bills

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The most common reason for renting with a roommate in the first place is to save money. Likewise, if you’re splitting costs you can afford to live in a fancier apartment than you could if you were renting alone.

What is key though is ensuring you and your roommate have a clear understanding on which bills you both agree to split.

Once clarity is established, paying off expenses like food, gas, internet, and cable become much less of a headache.

#2. Cleaning Up is a Breeze

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Undoubtedly, keeping a large apartment clean can be a hassle for just one person. However, when you rent with a roommate, you get twice the cleaning power!

Still, what is important is to establish a system for taking care of the chores around the apartment. You nor your roommate should ever feel like all the cleaning is one-sided.

Be fair, be honest, and you may just get away with avoiding the chores you hate doing the most. Like cleaning the bathroom.

#3. Having Company Becomes More Convenient When Renting with a Roommate

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If by chance you and your roommate get along with each other, you may find delight in spending time together.

This can range from watching movies, going out to dinner, or catching up after a long day of work.

Having someone there to share your thoughts, ask for advice, and laugh along with can make the renting experience all the more bearable.

Just ensure things between you and your roommate are strictly platonic. Otherwise, you’ll be setting yourself up for future disaster.

Now that we’ve taken a look at some key pros of renting with a roommate, it’s time to consider the cons.

Cons of Renting with a Roommate

#1. They May Miss Payments

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The thing with bills is that they are inevitable. They must still be paid even when life happens.

Your roommate could’ve just been laid off from work or had a huge financial emergency. And guess what? The rent is still due at the end of the month, whether you both can afford it or not.

And if your roommate is unreliable when it comes to making payments, it will end of costing you big time.

So, if you’ve known this person for a while, consider their work and debt history before making them your roommate.

And if you’re interviewing for a roommate, go in-depth on that person’s work, financial, and living history. Checking these boxes can make a huge difference for you further down the road.

#2. They Can Be Messy

In the same way your roommate has the potential to contribute to cleanliness, they can also generate filth. The more humans occupy a single space, the messier it’s likely to become.

Dirty dishes, overflowing trash bin, unswept floors, and the list goes on. What’s worse is that your roommate may casually pass these things by or even blame you for the state of the apartment.

Therefore, be careful of the roommate you choose, they might just be a slob.

#3. Your Privacy May Become a Thing of the Past

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Sure, hanging out with your roommate can be fun. However, if they’re the type of person who does not respect your need for alone time, you’ve got a big problem.

Remember, you every right to set healthy boundaries and enforce them. But if you’re someone who constantly craves solitude, renting with a roommate is definitely not for you.

For the sake of your sanity, you’re better off living solo.

The Final Say

In all things, there lives duality. And what’s important is to acknowledge and thoroughly consider both sides in order to make the right decision.

That said, we hope today’s post gave you newfound perspective on renting with a roommate and helped brought you that much closer to making your decision.

This concludes today’s Real Talk session. If you enjoyed it, feel free to share and connect with us on social media using the links down below.




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